Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fun Run Boosterthon

At the kids school the kids ran laps for money! It was a fun school event and the kids had so much fun. Thank you to those of you that pledged!

Wesley ran 38 laps and Lawson ran 35. Lawson cracks me up because half the time she was just watching people, whereas Wesley, never stopped running!!

I have to say it was so sweet because the last lap the kids are asked to walk the last lap with there parents. Wesley grabbed my hand and walked proudly with me. Then at the end gave me a big kiss on the lips. Moments like these is why I am a SAHM so I can be at events like this for my kids. Love my kiddos!!!

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Gale Fitts said...

That was so sweet of Wesley & so like hi.! Good job mama! You are doing a shamazing job!!"