Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 4th Slip n' Slide Fun

I am a LITTLE bit behind but I will catch up...one day. Over July 4th we made the most of our time at home.  Collins was golfing and I decided to pull out the Slip n' Slide Grammy and Pops had given the kids for Easter.  I thought it was pretty exciting to see the improvements from our version of the Slip n' Slide.  First they come with boards so no more cut up stomachs.  Then this one has two slides so two kids can go at the same time!! I can just imagine how much fun my brothers would of had with this set up!

Here they are getting ready and trying to figure everything out. 

Lawson was the first brave one down the slide. 

This is Wesley 30 minutes into playing.  The boy refused to get wet.  Then after I dumped water all over him (because I am nice like that) he was more willing to slide. 

Go figure...this is fun.  He never used the board.  Good thing I checked for rocks and pine cones. 

They did start racing.  It was so fun to watch them squeal with delight.

No matter how hard Wesley tried he never won.  This round.  I set up the slide again this weekend and Wesley was lightening fast!!

Fun times trying to keep cool!!


Elizabeth said...

We want to come slip n slide!

Lauren said...

How fun! I remember slip n' scrapin' your stomach as a child. I love your comment "because I'm nice like that." You crack me up. I love you.

Lauren said...
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