Friday, July 9, 2010

July 4th Fun

This past weekend our plans changed a little bit. We were suppose to spend the 4th with our family at the beach but it didn't work out.  Not a problem.  Luckily we have friends, the Spesshardts, who have connections, or a house close enough to see the fireworks and just far enough to avoid the crowds.  Bonus!  They were nice enough to accomidate us last minute so we gathered the troops and headed over there Saturday after dinner. 

These were the outfits I made for the kids and planned on them wearing at the beach.  They are still cute here in Raleigh!

A group shot of the kids. It has already been mentioned on Heather's blog about the yellow jackets, but I have to mention it again here for my memory.  Half of these kids have been stung by yellow jackets- can you tell? Quinn 3 times, Holden 4, and Wesley once. Wow, they are good sports!  I too got stung in the hand and probably had the worse reaction out of all the kids-at least it was me and not them!  My hand for 3 days was swollen, unbendable and HURT!! Oh well, gives me something to remember this July 4th. 

Once the drama was over it was time for Fireworks!  The kids loved Brant's Firework display. 

Lawson watching with her daddy. 

I love these guys!

This picture is so cute- Holden loved giving Lawson hugs and Quinn is also giving hugs! These two boys are so loving!!

Then it was time to walk up the street for the firework display.  The youngest ones are ready!

The oldest ones are settled in too...

We had a great time watching the Firework Display and it was quite impressive!!  We could here the orchestra playing as well.  That was neat!  Wesley is either saying the sign for "yellow" or "cowabunga" Not real sure about that one!
Spesshardt Family, thanks for the invite to enjoy the firework display!!!

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