Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seafood Festival 2010

This weekend we went to the beach to enjoy their annual Seafood Festival.  It is a great family event and everyone had a great time.  We decided to go to the Seafood Festival this year rather then the State Fair and I think we have all had our fill of Festival festivities and junk food.

One nice thing about the Seafood Festival it is literally a block away from were Grammy and Pops live so we were able to go once during the day and once at night.  Then I was able to run back there Sunday morning to pick up a Christmas gift.  That is convenient!!

Grammy and Pops with Lawson and something???

Lawson, Daddy and Wesley on the Carousal.  (This reminded me how much I miss Pullen Park in the Fall)

This is the first time both kids rode a ride without us.  They did great!  We they rode a couple more but no pictures.

When we came back in the evening all the kids talked about was going fishing.  $10 later in kiddie pool of a contraption called a 'fishing hole' we got a plastic football and a toy penguin.  (I think I am going be a vendor who does this next year!!)

Wesley did not want to ride any rides that evening. He was perfectly happy having daddy hold him.

Lawson on the other hand was ready!! Lawson and Pops.

Lawson and Pops on the Ferris Wheel

Fun fun!!

Wesley was interested in the food.  Funnel Cakes, Lemonade, & Ice Cream to be exact.  We could not get him to eat anything but junk food.  Oh well!  At least he had fun!

Lawson also had her fair share of junk food too.  Isn't that what a Festival is all about?
It was a fun time!! BTW- We intended to go to the Seafood Festival for it's seafood but all the smell of grease and fried food made me want to throw-up. So I ate a steak fajita. If they had oysters I would of been all over that but no oysters anywhere. :(

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