Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today Miss Lawson is 5 years old, 5 months, and 5 days old.  Not that we did anything exciting and wonderful today to celebrate (because why would I and I didn't know it until this evening.) My mom pointed it out that Lawson was 5-5-5 on the little ticker.  Pretty neat!  (Thanks for pointing that out mom)
A little girl who does not want her picture taken
but doing it anyway if she wants dinner :)

Lawson did get a cool pair of boots at Target today.  Ones that have been on her feet since we purchased them.  She has been asking for cowgirl boots for quite some time and these fit the bill.  
Happy 5-5-5 Day Lawson!

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Lauren said...

So cool, 5-5-5! How did Mom know that? BTW, LOVE the shoes! L-Dubs is growing up so fast, she looks like a girl in that photo! Also, hope she's not eating you out of the house with this growth spurt- feed her!