Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Duck Tape to Bed!

Doesn't everyone wear duck tape to bed?? Especially if it is coordinates with your PJs? No! Well, this is our solution to Cailyn's repeatedly taking off her diaper at night and wetting the bed. Mommy, doesn't like changing sheets in the middle of the night !!! Until she is fully potty trained, this is our solution....(also, the pack in play is up for nap time. Seems she can't settle down for a nap because of all the distractions in her room!). It is quite comical that she hands me the duck tape after I put her in her PJs now!!


Gale Fitts said...

So funny that she hands you the duct tape!

Jennifer said...

So funny! Allie does the same thing...this might be a solution to my problem I have with her. :)