Sunday, August 25, 2013

School is back in that means..busy busy busy!!!

This week we really kicked off out busy school season. We have activities everyday but we enjoy the busy schedule! Monday they kids started school again. They are so cute (when they get along)! Plus, they had picture day!!!

Cailyn has started dance class on Friday mornings. To say she loves it is an understatement!!

Cailyn was ready for some plié and passé but they pretty much just moved around and had a good time to music. She LOVES to dance!!

Saturday I took my GS troop to Chucky Cheese...we were suppose to go Rollerskating but the silly rink was closed and didn't find out until we were in route to North Raleigh. Luckily with quick thinking I was able to find quick entertainment close by. The kids had a blast and that is all that really mattered!

Do you see the honorary member? Wesley had so much fun too and the girls were so sweet to him!!!

Sweet pictures of Wesley sleeping! This is how I found him last night. Precious!!

Friday night the kids had a sleepover in Lawson's room. Collins didn't want to miss out I guess.

A bit of cuteness...sometimes I like this cat...

Last but Not least, Wesley is in a new soccer league this year. All his games will be Sunday at 2:00! Hope someone can work out to be able to see him!!

Sunday we went to church. The message had me in compete tears most of the time. Then they sang Amazing Grace...really I don't need to say more but I another post. I am still gathering my thoughts.

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