Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 quick update

We are all doing great and enjoying the new year!! Here are some recent pics of the kids!!!!

Wesley just turned 6 years old!!! On Dec 16th Wes had an unfortunate run in with a concrete corner. 7 stitches later he is as good as new with a nice scar!! He is a tough one!!!
Cailyn is still my outgoing one!! As she gets closer to 3 her true loves are coming through... Shopping and dancing.
Lawson is busy selling GS cookies and successful completed Girls on the Run season last fall by running 3.1 miles. I am super proud of her!!! She is excelling at reading and writing at school.
Collins and I are doing well. He is super busy at work and I had a super busy Christmas season with my small business.
Love to all!!!!

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