Monday, January 20, 2014

Flu Bug... Go away

Yes, the flu has for the first and hopefully the last struck our house!!! Wesley woke up Saturday with a headache but no fever. Then after a no energy basketball game Wesley went immediately to the couch never to get up. He still didn't have a fever but that changed that evening with spikes of a103 fever. Sunday he wasn't much better. We went to the doctors today and they confirmed we have a strand of Flu A(????)As of tonight (Monday) he has a lot more energy but still a horrible cough but no fever. He won't go to school tomorrow but we hope he will Wednesday (the last day of track-in) before a 3 weeks break :-/

Here is a picture at the Doctor's office. Sad but cute!!! Hopefully, no one else will get sick!!! Please say a little prayer for us!!!!

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