Saturday, February 27, 2016

2015 Ruppert Banquet

Collins and I attended the 2015 Ruppert Banquet last night. This was Collins first year attending (5th one) as a Branch Manager. It's a little different now! He had to speak in front of 450 people on Thursday. (The thing he has dreaded most since taking the job) and Friday teach a class. Then Friday night Collins has to give an Impact Award at this banquet. It was a lot of firsts for Collins but like most things he was very methodical about preparing for it and from the feedback from his peers did a wonderful job. If there was ever a company to work for it is Ruppert. They are at the cutting edge with technology (they have a app developed by their own IT guys), they truly believe in giving back to community, and the way they care for their employees is beyond exceptional (oh, they cut grass nicely too!!). I had a good long talk with the owner of the company, Craig Ruppert, he knew my name and asked me about the move, kids and even really wanted to know how I was adjusting. Also, gave me a much needed pep talk.

I am so proud of Collins and loves hearing from his peers how much they love working with him. It was a huge sacrifice when Collins took this job 4 yrs ago but Collins was absolutely right that his move to Ruppert was one of the best decisions he ever made. We now have 5 more days until our next big adventure!! Ruppert is sending Collins and I along with 32 other couples to go to Atlantis for 4 days.

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