Monday, February 1, 2016

Cailyn's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday to the sweetest 5yr old in the world!!!! This girl just brightens up a room with her happy demeanor! So blessed to call her my baby girl!!!

I have to add just a little more... This is a child who asks for nothing!!! She is happy with anything!! She plays well by herself and is most content with little to nothing. If she does
ask for something impromptu at the store and I say no. No is the answer and she moves on. She doesn't whine or have a tantrum. I don't know what the future holds and it may not be he same for the years to come but I have say "thank you" for these later years!!! It had been nothing but a joy!!!!

For her birthday we met up with the family to celebrate (fun, fun), took her to Target to pick out a gift and then out for Mexican! She said it was the best day EVER! But honestly every day is the best day ever!!! She loves life and everyday is a gift.

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