Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I hope that you all had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving.  Ours was wonderful.  We had Collins' family here and it was great. We always enjoy having family here and we are so thankful for our family!

Lawson prepared for the big meal!

 Taylor, James, Gale ready for the feast. 

Everyone was really excited for BB's rolls (I made 2 batches).  (Recipe coming soon- I promise)

Lawson's favorite food- fried turkey and rolls.  Wesley's Favorite food Cranberry Stuff (out of a can) and Rolls!
This year I went around the table asking everyone (on film) what they are thankful for and we started with Wesley.  His answer was "nothing" so moving on we went around the table and heard everyone's responses.  Then back to Wesley he said "I am thankful for my mommy!!!"  Guess what it is on film too!! LOVE IT!!

Wesley loved hanging out with Uncle Taylor.  Wesley would crawl on his lap every time Taylor would sit down!

All the men watching football on Thanksgiving!

Now that Thanksgiving is over...guess what they are excited about now??

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Lauren said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You have a beautiful family. Are there any rolls left? I love that you got Wesley saying his most thankful for you on camera. There's proof now! Hahaha.