Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cailyn is 11 Months old

Stop the press…it can’t be true.  My baby has one more month until she is a YEAR OLD!! That news still blows me away!!!  I think I am in denial!  My 11 month old is doing awesome!  Cailyn turned 11 months old on December 31st!! She was rocking New Year’s Eve in style!!

Cailyn 11 Months Old

Here are some of the Cailyn News…

- Cailyn had tooth #3,#4,#5 break through in 3 days…that was fun! Now we have 5 teeth.  2 on the bottom and 3 on the top.

- On 12/27 I decided to take her to the doctors because I was concerned about her not using her right leg appropriately.  She would scoot but always hold out her right leg. Never bending it or putting weight on it.  Sometimes she would even scream if you made her put weight on it. After an examination and x-rays the child is FINE!  This is a learned technique and there is not a thing wrong with her leg…


Her ear on the other hand not so fine…They did a simple once over and looked into her ear and she had her first ear infection.  There were no signs, no fever, no fussiness, no loss of appetite.  (Thanks for the warning, girl)  So we are on our first antibiotic, it has done a # on her belly since this is the first processed ANYTHING she has ever consumed besides her Tri-vi-sol. 

- On 12/28 after our doctor visit she decided she can really show off and start scooting.  She moves on her rear end.  It is a lunge forward with all 4s on the ground then she swings her legs around.  It is very ineffective if she wants to get anywhere fast but she can move!! This counts as crawling right?

- One other thing at 11 months she weighs approximately 19lbs 13oz (clothes on) I think she is doing okay on the weight issue!!

As I have said many times before Cailyn is the best baby and just loves to be around people.  She will go to anyone and is just so incredibly social. Of course, she loves to be with her mama but she is willing to share the love!! 

I will share one thing we do every night at bed time.  When I set her down for bed I make the sound of two air kisses.  Then she gives me two air kisses back.  Love it! This is her giving kisses.


On New Year’s Eve we had a special visitor, Cailyn’s Great Grandmother, Mama II. Here are 4 generations!!  Thank you Mama II for coming up and visiting!! We love you!4 Generations

One last picture…Cailyn in her royal wagon!!! She looks so regal doesn’t she??


We love you, Cailyn!!


Lauren said...

What a sweet baby!! I can't believe that she is 11 months already. How is it possible that it has gone by so fast. She is so beautiful! I hope to give her kisses soon!

Melissa said...

She is so cute! And I can't believe we have big birthdays coming up in both our houses this month. Wow! Oh and what a big girl not complaining about an ear infection.--Melissa M.