Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tunnel Fun!!

Since Cailyn has become a power crawler we have come to find out she is fearless.  Give her an obstacle and she is ready to go.  I figured this out at a little boys birthday party and they had pretend lasers in the upstairs hallway and after all the kids crawled through the obstacle Cailyn was ready for the challenge.  She looked like a rocket going through.  It was so cute.  When we got home I pulled out the tunnels.  I remember having to CRAWL through the tunnel myself to get Lawson and Wesley to go through, Cailyn she fearlessly went through the tunnel the second it was on the floor.  (isn’t it funny how different kids can be?)

Cailyn Tunnel 1Cailyn Tunnel Fun 2Cailyn Tunnel Fun 3


See ya later!!!

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