Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Progress Update on Cailyn–15 months

Wow, what a difference a few weeks make.  We are meeting and/or exceeding our weekly goals at PT!  Yippee! On Sunday May 6th, Cailyn pulled up for the first time on her feet.   Then on Thursday May 10th our PT said lets make the goal for Cailyn to start cruising furniture.  She gave us some exercises and the child has taken off!!  Friday May 11th she started taking steps along the furniture!! She cruises our furniture, sometimes letting go or just leaning slightly on the furniture.  She is now leaning forward to pick stuff up while standing.  All big milestones being reached!!


Look how strong she looks standing?? 

Cailyng Standing

With this new freedom she has also discovered she can climb.  My life will never be the same again!!

Cailyn Climbing

However, it is fun!!  Cailyn has discovered she can now play on the playground rather then just be an observer.  She loves exploring.

Playground fun 2

Miss Cailyn, I am so very very proud of you!! You are working so hard and we can tell those doctors there is no need for a neurological exam because you are actually just smarter then the rest of us…you have captured at a young age life happens way to fast and you are enjoying the ride rather then zooming through it!! 

Playground fun 

Other stuff… at her 15mo appointment she was 20lbs 14 oz and I think 30” long.  We did have to have her left ear flushed because it was so waxy and we found she had another ear infection with zero signs.  Lovely.  We are on an antibiotic (although I don’t thing she needed one). 

That is our 15 month status report.  We are doing great!! Thank you to those that wrote such encouraging and sweet words about Cailyn.  They really meant the world to me. 


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful news! Way to go Cailyn!

Jennifer said...

So proud of her!!!

Heather said...

Yay! Way to go Miss Cailyn!!!:)