Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cailyn's Great Strides

Can you believe Cailyn is 15mo old? It seems hard for me to fathom too. She is doing great and truly is one talkative little girl. She is also my little social butterfly. She does not know a stranger.
I believe in the past I have hinted around that there were some concerns about her gross motor skills. At our 12 month appt. Cailyn was referred to the Early Prevention Program with NC. They only allow you in the program if you have significant delays. After getting our assessment we were advised that Cailyn does have significant gross motor delays and would be recommended for PT. As disheartening as it was to hear this news we were told C was advanced in her fine motor skills and problem solving skills and right on track with her language. Good news.
After a month in a half of looking for a PT we found one and 2 weeks ago we started PT.
Week 1: the PT told me she was pleased with Cailyn's movements and felt she had low muscle tone which attributed to her not wanting to put weight on her legs. We were given exercises (playtime activities) and we worked.
Week 2: The PT came and we saw increased mobility and willingness to stand! We were given other instructions and we worked.

Today: a day before our next PT I put Cailyn on the kids train and she stayed on there all by herself! This is huge. Think use of of tummy muscles for balance! One of our other activities is to climb the stairs and today she climbed the whole stairwell! I was so proud I could burst! I now look forward to tomorrows PT session to show her progress!


Melissa said...

Maridith-Yeah for Cailyn's progress! I'm so glad that Early Intervention is working for her and that you found a PT that is helping her progress. Go Cailyn and go to her mama too!

Melissa M.

Jill said...

Yay for progress! I know all about delayed motor skills and I also know that with a little hard work and lots of prayers God will give Cailyn the strength she needs to succeed in whatever ways he sees fit. As I know you do, trust in Him! All your children are beautiful and you are a fabulous Mom!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go Cailyn!