Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We have had lots of opportunities to go on Easter Egg Hunts this year, but for one reason (misbehavior) or another (misbehavior) we have not been able to attend any.  However, on Saturday the kids had the privilege to go to my friend's church for there annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It was so much fun!!

Here the kids are ready to go search for eggs.

Notice Wesley's Easter Basket.  Mommy made him one, but "Mother-of-the-Year" forgot it!  He wasn't too confused hunting eggs with a cooler.

Once he got the swing of it and got over the fact he was carrying his sister's cooler- he was TOTALLY into hunting eggs.  Especially, when I told him there was candy afterward! BTW-the best smiles you will every get of Wesley is when he is ON-THE-GO!!

Daddy and his little boy!!

Lawson realized Wesley did not have as many as she did and shared some with him.  So Sweet!

 She loves her Daddy!!

Playing on the playground!

Let's much candy am I going to get??? He looks very worried!

This little boy loves some candy!!
Then it was time for a Bible Story.  I could not believe it but my kids listened and sat still the whole time. (If you were with me at Chick-Fil-A the day before you would realize what a miracle this is)

Then when Daddy went to get a picture of this "miracle" Boss-man Wesley was telling daddy to sit down!!  This house is truly filled with 4 bosses.

Because this picture is so angelic I had to post it again!!

All this because we celebrate that Christ has risen!!

Easter Day Pictures will soon follow...


Lauren said...

Those are sweet pictures! I love the one of Lawson touch Collins' hand. Also, Wes is so handsome and getting so big. I can't wait to see y'all.

Lauren said...

Please forgive my grammar... I've been cleaning up "you know what" for the past 45 minutes and I haven't had coffee yet.

CharGrill said...

Love these pics - they are angels! Glad you had a nice Easter weekend : )