Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is how we roll

So now we have 2 antique buggies at my house!! How many do you have??

The kids absolutely LOVE riding in these things.  To tell the truth they have excellent suspension and are so easy to push!  Friday evening when Grammy and Pops got into town they strolled the kids!! 

Time for a close-up

Oops, a little bit too close!! 

Yes, this is how we roll!!  We don't own a nice 21st century stroller, we have two 19th century buggies!!Haha!


gale said...

Those are two sweet children in the "oldies but goodies" carriages! I loved strolling Collins and Taylor in them! Now to see my grandchildren in them is a special blessing! Let Lawson and Wes enjoy playing with the carriages!
Grammy Gram

Lauren said...

That is how you roll! You trend-setter you!