Friday, April 23, 2010

A Present From Germany and Crazy Memories

My dad just recently went to Germany and brought home to Wesley a German hat.  Dah gave it to Wesley late one evening and Wesley really had nothing to do with it.  Then when it was on his terms Wesley loves wearing it.  

This hat is so cute.

Here is a profile shot.

As I look at Wesley in this hat it reminds me of my Girls' Weekend at Florida and our visit to a local German Restaurant called Hollerbach's and the goofy men in German gear.

This was entertaining.  All I could think was Ricola.  (Remember those commercials?)

Anyway.  I thought of my last German experience... (Yes, I know Mother-of-the-Year)

Well, lets just stick to how cute this hat is!! I won't have to worry about my kids wearing this when they are "of age" and when they drink their first "das boot" it is already too small for Lawson.  Haha!
I told you my thoughts are crazy!!  Thank you Dah for the hat for Wesley and skirt for Lawson!!


Lauren said...

That hat is so cute and the kids look adorable in it. DAS BOOT! See you are a cool Mom!

Avery & Hailey said...

It was great seeing you guys on Saturday! Looking forward to hanging out at the reunion!