Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March of Dimes- Hooray for Holden

This weekend our family walked in the March of Dimes with Hooray for Holden's Team.  It was a perfect morning for a walk and everyone was excited to take part in this wonderful event.  

Here is the team captian...Holden

Here we are at the beginning of the race.  Lawson and Quinn decided to walk.  Wesley was content just strolling.  (Thank E for letting us borrow your stroller)  Notice all the people behind us...we are no where close to being last.

Quinn and Lawson...they had a blast hanging out together. They walked pretty much the whole way.  I was surprised.

They also ran a little..

And rested together..

They even held hands... Isn't that sweet?? Now notice how many people are behind us?? Yep, we were pretty much last... haha!

Here is Hooray for Holden's Team.  Gale and James and another family were there but they were WAY ahead of us.

Here is Wesley after his big stroll!
It was a great day.  Lots of fun and all for such a wonderful cause!!


CharGrill said...

LOVE the pic of them holding hands...very sweet....and you can use it as blackmail later on ; )

Lauren said...

Yay for Team Holden! What a great cause. The kids are so cute.

MoDLin said...

Wow, you guys are great to have gone the whole route. Wesley looks wiped out! :o)
Thanks for supporting the March of Dimes. Team Holden is awesome!!!