Monday, April 18, 2011

3 Kids and a Dog

2 weekends ago Collins left town to go Turkey Hunting which left me with 3 kids and a Dog.  Why a dog?  We were dog watching my parents dog, Butler.  I would not of volunteered our services to dog watch normally, but Butler is a great (lazy dog) so it worked out fine.

Our first day home alone (Lawson had early release from school)  I decided to venture out to the park with all 3 kids and Butler.  Some people told me I was crazy and asking for trouble.  I told them, I can do anything I put my mind too.  So not only did I take the kids (and dog) to the park…I took pictures to document the fun!!


The azaleas are starting to bloom.


We found a new section of our local park (where there were no people around) and the kids enjoyed monkeying around!


Michael Jordan??


Hey kids!!



Run kids get tired, PLEASE!!!


Here is sweet Cailyn enjoying the outdoors.


Ha, so sweet!!


3 kids and a dog!! We had a great weekend!  We ended up going to a Church Yard Sale, and out to dinner Saturday night!!

We are not encouraging daddy to leave more often but we sure did have a great time!!

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Elizabeth said...

You are brave! What park was that? btw...Michael Jordan wears/wore a different color blue, we'll gladly take Wesley over on the light side!