Monday, August 1, 2011

Cailyn is 6 months old

Cailyn 6  Months Old

Look who is 6 Months old!! In other words…half a year old. Wow!!

Cailyn is still my super happy baby.  Easy, laid back, kind of goes with the flow but at her own pace. I have started calling Cailyn my “Useta Girl” Why you ask??

Cailyn use too or “useta” roll over…now she does not.


Cailyn ‘useta’ eat cereal now she spits it out.


She ‘usesta’ sleep through the night…now it is a guessing game. 

I talked with the doctor and he told me because she is reaching or surpassing all of her other milestones for me not to worry. Easier said then done. As for the food we are going to try other types of food and see how it goes.  He told me this is not uncommon especially for babies that are strictly breastfeed,   We will see.

Other then that Cailyn is perfect!! Here are her stats…

Weight- 15lbs 15oz 50%

Height- 26”- 65%


I can not tell you much we all just adore our sweet Cailyn and love watching her grow. 


Also- thank you Auntie D for the beautiful outfit!!

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