Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lawson went to the American Girl Doll Store

Last Christmas Lawson received an American Girl Doll from Santa.  This doll is one of her most treasured dolls and takes her every where we go. 


While Lawson was in VA staying with her Nana and Dah this summer (yes, this is a late post, so sue me!!)  she got to go to the American Girl Doll Store in Tyson’s Corner.  What a treat!!

Here is Lawson and Lanie on their way to the AGD store.  It was like 100 degrees outside but she still insisted on wearing a sweater so Lanie had to also.  I am not sure if you can tell but the girls are wearing matching dresses I made. I love match-y match-y things!!

Lawson at AM Store 6

At the store Lawson got to pick out Lanie a whole new wardrobe. 

Lawson at AM Store 1

Lanie also a make-over.  See Lanie in the salon chair!!

Lawson at AM Store 4

While Lanie was at the salon Lawson and Nana had a tea party (pink lemonade and cookies).  She got to borrow a friend.  Her friend’s name was Anabelle.

Lawson at AM Store 3

Check out the chair and tea set!!! ADORABLE!!

Lawson at AM Store 2

Lawson had the best time and Lanie looks BEAU-TI-FUL!! See her new hair-do plus now Lanie now needs glasses!!

Lawson at AM Store 5

Thank you Nana for creating such a special memory with Lawson. She is still talking about her time there!!! I have to tell you- she still has those silver high heels circled for Lanie.  She has not forgotten!! haha!

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