Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeding Time!

Just a quick little update on how solid foods are going with Cailyn. 

Last time I reported that Cailyn was not eating solid food (rice cereal) and we were told to try oatmeal/cereal.  We tried and she loves it.   Then last weekend Collins stopped off at the Farmer’s Market and got me sweet potato for Cailyn. SHE LOVES IT!! 

Here are some cute eating pictures!!

Lawson is SUCH a good helper. As you can see Cailyn is an eager eater.


I have also made peas for my sweet girl.  She loves that too.  YIPPEE!!!  Currently we are on day 2 of 4 for the peas.  Next is avocado, then bananas.


I made Wesley’s food when he was a baby will continue on the same path with Cailyn’s food. However, this time I have such a great resource.  The best book for making your own baby food is the Super Baby Food.  This is like the mother of all baby food books and parenting tips and tricks.  I love it!!

As far as nursing, everything is going great.  I hope to continue for as long (within 12 months) as possible.    Smile

PS- you might of noticed the rash around Cailyn’s neck. She is teething like crazy but nothing is coming through.  Therefore, she is a drool machine.  I sometime let her have diaper days so she can air out her neck!  It looks worse then it really is, because she never complains!

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Elizabeth said...

Such a sweetie! I'm impressed that Lawson can keep her mouth closed when feeding Cailyn...I could never seem to do that. If you have any coconut oil, you can put that on Cailyn's neck.