Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quiet before the Storm

If you have been watching the news you know that Irene is heading towards the NC Coast.  We are not expecting much here except rain and wind (thank goodness.)  Although my in-laws (who live at the beach) will probably get it a little bit worse.  Praying for their safety.

This week we have FINALLY gotten some relief from the intense heat and we all are enjoying the beautiful weather.  (I will be the first one to admit I am a fair weather type gal!)  It was so pretty I could not resist taking pictures of this cute bunch of kids!

Wesley is such a ham!!


Cailyn and I were playing peek-a-boo.  She always has her eyes on mommy these days.  I leave the room and she will start squawking, not crying just talking very loudly as if to say…”Where are you mommy?”


Then when I would round the corner I always get a smile!! So sweet!


If Wesley is a ham then Lawson is a Diva, for sure.  This girl comes home and immediately puts on high heels (I took away her real ones because of poor choices this week so she is back to play ones!!)


Lawson is so funny….can you tell who is watching her every move?DSC_1113

Hail, Queen Cailyn (that sounds about right!!)


These are elephant ears that Collins cut for the kids to play with.  They are fanning Cailyn.  To bad she can’t eat grapes yet!!!

Thank you Lord for the Quiet (awesome weather) before the storms.  We LOVE this weather. 

BTW- What were you doing when you felt the earthquake?  Wasn’t that crazy??? Wesley, Cailyn and I were having a snack at the table.  I thought a large truck was coming by the house.  So weird.

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The Smittys said...

they are so stinkin' cute! the hail queen cailyn is the best! ha!