Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cailyn is 8 months old

8 Months Old

I say this every month but I can’t get over the fact how fast time is going.  Cailyn is 8 months old.  Wow!  Cailyn is just our little doll baby.  She is so much fun and SO HAPPY!  This child just lights up a room.   I thought I would share 8 happy things that Cailyn is doing these days…

1. You make eye contact with her she immediately smiles!

2. She eats everything you offer her although I think her favorite food right now is butternut squash. (BTW- do not get between her and her food, you will get yelled at!!)

3. She has slept through the night several times but it is not a regular occurrence.   She typically wakes up once at night normally around 3AM.

4. She still has zero teeth but the bottom two are trying their best to break through

5. She is perfectly content not moving.  Although if you do place her on her belly she does push herself backwards. (by no means is this crawling)

6. The sweetest moments is when she is going to bed and I nestle her on the front of me and rock her.  She will pull up and look at me and say “dadadadada” melts my heart every time.

7. She is in size 9 month clothes on the verge of 12 month old clothes.

8. She is soaking everything in these days and watching and exploring everything. 


I try to remember to slow down and just treasure each and every moment!! This time is going by WAY to quickly.  I LOVE YOU, CAILYN!!

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