Friday, October 14, 2011

Fireman’s Picnic

The first weekend of October is our town’s annual Fireman’s picnic.  Collins happened to be out of town on a fishing trip so after the baby woke up from her nap we went to check things out and met up with Elizabeth and her sons.  We also saw a lot of our other friends there too!! It is so fun living in a small-ish town!!

One of their demonstrations…that was not moving along fast enough so we moved onto food!


Now, this was cool and scary. 


The best part was getting to play on the fire trucks.  Of course, they are a lot cooler when they are out for play and not parked in your driveway. I am just saying…DSC_2006


Of course, some of us might use the huge front bumper as a stage…


Anderson, Lawson, Wesley, and Owen.  These kids had such a good time together!


We can’t forget Cailyn…she was there too!!


Me and my kids!!


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Elizabeth said...

We had so much fun!