Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cailyn is 10 Months Old

Cailyn 10 Months Old

Isn’t amazing what a month can do?  Last month we received not the best report from the doctors but I think all that has been resolved.  A month ago Cailyn could not support herself on the side of furniture, but now I catch her trying to pull herself up (or grasping at the side of the couch). She is not doing it without help but she is really trying.  Once she gets there she can support herself and tries her hardest to move.  This is a big step for her.

Cailyn is probably not ever going to crawl.  She has figured out she can scoot herself on her bum across the hardwood floor and she can pretty much get to where she wants to go.

As far as her weight, we go back for a check-up on the 5th, but I am 99.9% confident she is perfectly fine.  I am going to go on out there and guess she is 18.5lbs.  I am still nursing full-time and I am super proud of this fact!

The exciting things she is doing... she is waving bye-bye, she waves hi, she gives the sweetest kisses, she smiles from ear to ear when you smile at her (melts my heart every time).  She watches everything and everyone (much like her sister).

She found her hair in her 9th month.  It was so funny to watch her pull her hair then wince when she pulled too hard.  silly girl.DSC_2811

She is the best eater and is really getting the hang of feeding herself finger food.  So far her favorite finger foods are Cheerios, green peas, fruit puffs, and cheese.


Cailyn still only has two teeth! 


I think I have said this before but Cailyn is a talker and sometimes a screamer.  Her vocabulary includes: dada, bye-bye, and I swear she is saying thank you. She is also learning to grunt when she wants me to feed her faster (we are working on sign language now).  I should also note the word “tag” has not been heard in a long time.

Cailyn is still taking 2 great naps a day.  She goes to bed at 7PM and typically wakes up around 2AM, then wakes up around 8AM. The night time nursing is no big deal and it normally lasts no longer then 5 mins so I really don’t complain. 

One funny story: One night I was rocking Cailyn and patting her on her back.  She quickly jolted up and hit me on the chest and smiled really big at me.  At first I thought “Please do not tell me you just hit me and smiled” but then she started patting me on my chest just like I was patting her.  It really was the cutest thing as if she was saying “I got it, I can pat you too!!” 

I have said it before and I will always say it. I love this little girl to the moon and back (just as I love all my children).  Cailyn is truly the sweetest 10 month old I know.  Love you, baby girl!!

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Jill said...

I am so glad she is doing well and you feel better about this months accomplishments! Doctors appointments can be so hard (believe me I know) when you don't get the news you were hoping for. We all just have to trust in God that our children are perfect in His eyes; and ours! You are a wonderful Mommy and all three of your children are lucky to be part of yours and Collins' family!