Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wesley’s Christmas Program

Wesley’s last day of preschool was December 15th and the children all worked really hard to preform the Christmas Story for us.  It was absolutely adorable!! Of course, I had a few butterflies not knowing if Wesley was going to make it or not (believe it of not he is kind of shy!)  It was at this age that Lawson was the Saddest sheep in Bethlehem

I am thrilled to report he did a fantastic job!! He sang (most of the time) and was just adorable!!

Wesley 3yr old Christmas Program 2011

Wesley during one song covered his ears!! Too funny!

Wesleys 3yr old Christmas Program 2

One neat part of the nativity scene was having a live baby.  See Wesley behind “Mary” smiling.  He loves babies!


After the program we received our Christmas gifts from Wesley and enjoyed snacks and craft time.DSC_3348DSC_3352

Mommy and Wesley.  I love my buddy!!!

Mommy and Wesley 2011

Mommy and Daddy with Wesley.  We left Cailyn at home with our neighbor napping and Lawson was at school.  Believe it or not Wesley quite enjoyed himself not having his sisters around. 

Mommy Daddy and Wesley 2011

More Christmas posts to come.  I am going to catch up before the end of the year!!!

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