Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Picking 2011

EDIT: I had 2010…forgive me I am still in shock next year is 2012…

The annual picking of the Christmas Tree is a slightly stressful event but none-the-less fun.  Why you ask…

1 little man who insisted on sticking his foot with crocs and a sock in the mucky tree stand water…


1 little girl who was grabbing for everything…DSC_3208

And one Miss know it all.


I am not saying who did what I am just saying…

It was fun, and we did pick out a pretty Christmas tree although the really pretty ones were $80 and higher and that is simply ridiculous for something that is going to die in a couple of weeks…

None-the-less, we came we saw, and had we known they were giving out hayrides this year we would of done that too. Next year (unless we get a fake tree).


But, it was time to get home because there was a sweet little girl who needed to go down for a nap!!


I don’t even have a picture of the tree but I will soon!!

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