Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving this year the whole family went to VA to be with my family.  We decided to travel on Thanksgiving Day (to beat the traffic) and that was the way to go.  It was easy sailing most of the way there and less stress.  When we arrived we were unloaded the car and got straight back in to go to Gaylord’s Madagascar on Ice.  It was so cool (literally and figuratively).  The kids had a blast as well as the parents.  It is pretty amazing to see 2million pounds of ice look real.  Here is a photo dump of the trip…


To keep Cailyn warm in 9 degree temps I wore her in a Moby Wrap and then got an XL poncho. She was toasty warm.


I was more concerned about Cailyn being warm then I was about my own vanity.  I should of considered that a little more…my hat looks like Pope John Paul II. 


Wesley’s favorite part was the ice slides!!!DSC_2955DSC_2957

The whole gang.  Thanks Nana and Dah for an excellent time on Thanksgiving Day.


The part I thought was most spectacular with the ice nativity set.  It was breathtaking.


Looking at the Potomac River back towards VA.DSC_2979

Lawson has told us she wants to learn to play the guitar.   Uncle Ryan was giving her lessons.DSC_2988


On Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving.  The cooks…DSC_2993

Friday, Nov 25th Lauren and Will celebrated 5 yrs of marriage.  Will had to work and was missed!DSC_3008

The Thanksgiving table.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this group of people!!


The kids love this time of year and being able to drink Sparkling grape juice out of a wine glass.


Gobble. Gobble!


How was the food….I think this picture says it all!DSC_3015

The best part after a big meal…Relaxing.


We had a wonderful time and it was a Thanksgiving full of many many blessings!!!

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