Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Special Day Visit from Family

Last Friday, my grandmother, Mama II, and my Aunt Aprille, some call her “Aunt Perfect,” came to my house for a 4 hour visit.  I was beyond thrilled to see my family especially when you know how much effort went into them getting here.  Aprille lives in GA and Mama II lives in SC.  Aprille traveled to SC Thursday evening.  Then they left the house at 6AM on Friday to get to our home by 10AM.  Then they left our house around 2PM for another 4 hours drive. Aprille then returned to GA Sunday. What a whirlwind of a trip but from our end it was AWESOME. 

Aprille had only met Lawson when she was 18 months old. So many years have past and our family has grown by 2 since then!!  It was wonderful for part of my extended family to finally meet my family! 

It was a special treat for us because Mama II got to see Lawson perform in the 1st grads presentation of the Wax Museum, Lawson was Juliette Gordon Low (Girl Scouts Founder).


**I want you to know I did not doctor this picture AT ALL!! Doesn’t my grandma look AWESOME???

While we went up to the school, I left Wesley and Cailyn (sleeping) with Aprille.  Wesley was at first very shy with Aprille but that wore off quickly.  When Aprille left for home Wesley said “why does she have to go?  I want her to stay and play!!” Yep, Aunt Aprille is still as fun as I remember!!DSC_4459

Aprille was so overjoyed to see the kiddos she played with all 3 outside and Mama II and I were able to have a nice quiet lunch together.  We enjoyed ham, potato salad, and macaroni and cheese (Mama II brought the meal too)  Geez, do I sound worthless or what?  She drives all this way and brings food!! DSC_4462

Here is one more picture of the kiddos with their Great Aunt Aprille!  I would have to agree she is great!!DSC_4469

Thank you Aprille and Mama II for coming up all this way to see me and the kids.  It meant the world to me!!  We love you !

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