Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter 2012

Let’s see do we believe in the Easter bunny?…hmmm…not sure. We never really talked about it but let it be known he did come to our home and the kids were thrilled!


Although, the idea of the Easter bunny is a little hazy.  I was proud to hear that both Lawson and Wesley were telling me stories of how Jesus died on the cross and Wesley asking me “Mommy, is it okay that I love God more then you?”

After the Easter bunny and getting a sugar high.  It was time to get ready for church.  The REAL reason we celebrate Easter.

We tried to get pictures before church…ummmm…not working.


Cailyn to distracted by the fact she is wearing shoes to look at the camera…


We waited until afterwards!  The lighting was perfect to highlight my beautiful kiddos!


Cailyn loves being thrown in the air! I really like this picture so I played around with the effects…

Cailyn and Pops

The Fitts’ and the grand kidsDSC_4689

The Fitts’ FamilyDSC_4691

Our Family


Funny Fitts

One with the kiddos…yep, a picture with these three is not going to happen!


Then it was Easter egg hunt….sponsored by Grammy and Pops (literally). Cailyn was napping (& does she walk) so she did not participate this year- next year!


The kids found a treasure better then candy in their eggs - money!When Lawson found out what was in her eggs she said “That is what I am talking about!” Haha!DSC_4726

Then after the kids had a hunt for eggs, the adults got a chance! I am happy to say, I was the golden egg winner!! Woot, woot!

It was a great Easter filled with lots of fun memories (especially me winning) but above that we celebrated resurrection of our Lord and Savior!

Uncle Taylor was here!! We love our Tay-tay!


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