Thursday, April 19, 2012

We have a soccer player!

April 14 was Wesley’s first official soccer game.  We woke up early had a power breakfast and were in the car by 8AM.  8:20AM he had soccer pictures (it was kind a comical to me because he had never actually played a game yet we were having soccer pictures made) and then it was time to play.

While they waited for the other team to take their pictures the kids warmed up. Here Wesley is warming up with one of his buddies, Holden.DSC_4775

Now we know Wesley does not stop running or moving at home, we had some expectation that he would keep up with the herd of kids running around the field.  What we didn’t expect is for when the game started for Wesley to march down the field and attempt a goal. His first attempt he missed.  We were proud of his efforts and cheered for the team.


The very next time the blue team (his team) got possession he kicked the ball down the field and scored!  Go Wesley, go Wesley!  Collins and I just turned to each other in surprise! This is Wesley scoring although you can not see more then his foot behind the coach.DSC_4784

Then…the next time down the field what does Wesley do…he scores again!!   WOW!! That was my only thought.  The boy had no game time experience and there he goes like he is an old pro!


We were brought back down to earth when Wesley did score for the other team. So he didn’t quite have a perfect game but I honestly  couldn’t describe how proud I was of his efforts.


The thing I love most about Upward soccer is it really isn’t about who wins or loses and who does well and who needs their mom to hold their hand out on the field so they will play.  It is about having fun! Let’s keep it real…they are only 4!


This is a Christian league and the kids had a blast!  I was super proud of everyone! 


What was Wesley most thrilled about?…getting another sticker from the coach.  He has really no clue that the grey sticker means he scored in a game, not sure what the gold sticker means, but the green is for showing up for soccer practices.

Wesley's soccer stickers

Great job, Wesley.  We have another soccer game this weekend.  We really have no expectations of what he will do.  As long as he has fun that is all that matters!!

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