Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lawson’s First Crush

It is official Lawson has her first crush.  How do I know?…I just read the writing on the wall (literally)

I love jack

When I saw this I asked Lawson “What is this?” She said “What? you said we can love our friends!” Heavy sigh from mommy after this comment…what do you say??

Then Lawson and I had the best conversation at dinner one night about her boy friend, Jack.  It was one of those conversations that I just wanted to laugh but I did not want to deter her from talking to me.  Our conversation started like this…

L: Mom, Jack said a whole entire sentence to me. (As she floated back into her chair and her eyes staring into space looking all dreamy)

M: Really, a whole sentence? What does he normally say to you?


M: Why does he say stop?

L: Because we are chasing him and he wants us to stop!

M: Why are you chasing him?

L: Because if you like someone, you chase them!


No, idea what Jack looks like but I know for sure he is my daughter’s first crush!

Lawson GS 100th anniversary

Sigh, my little girl is growing up! 

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