Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lawson and Wesley Talk

This morning I overheard the most mature conversation I have ever heard from a new five year old and 7.5 year old. It was one of those moments they didn't know I could hear and I was torn to tell them what I heard.

Let me set the stage. Wesley and Lawson must of made some agreement the night before to have Lawson "start" a BRAND new Lego set that evening. I knew it and told Lawson "do not build any more on it or Wes will be mad!!!" Needless to say the whole darn thing was assembled the next morning.

Lawson came out of her room bragging "look Wes, look at what I made for you" as if it was a favor!!!

I decided to walk away at that moment because I knew she had to take the wrath of Wes.

W- Lawson I didn't tell you to build the whole thing!!!
L- yes you did!!
W- NO I didn't!!!
L- YES YOU DID. (The voices had reached a very high pitch at this point)

**silence, I think he was checking it out, i couldn't see them**
W- how would you feel if I took one of your new toys and played with it before you got a chance to play with it?
L- I wouldn't like it, I am sorry. Do you want me to take it apart for you so you can put it back together?
W- yes.
L- I am sorry. I am now inviting you to my birthday party.

These kiddos make me so proud. No, I never said anything to them about their conversation I simply left it alone. They dealt with a confrontation on their own, and I didn't need to interfere. Not even with a good job. Somethings just need to be left alone!!!

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