Monday, November 16, 2009

Time with my Fancy Girl

This weekend Lawson and I had "Mommy/Daughter Time." It was long overdo and we had so much fun. We began our fabulous time together going to a Fancy Nancy reading.

If you have never heard of Fancy Nancy you are missing out. I would recommend to all mothers of girls to get a Fancy Nancy book for your daughter. You can't go wrong!! She teaches fancy words rather then ordinary words. Rather saying feather she says plume. Rather then saying wonderful she says "stupendous." For example, when I told Lawson what we were doing Saturday she told me "I am over-joyed" Fancy Nancy taught her that!! I can take no credit! Plus her outfits are so fancy!! Lawson loves her clothes!

I do not have big pictures...sorry, I used my cell phone camera and it is pretty bad quality, Here is Lawson listen to the reading.

Then we ran a few errands and it was time for lunch. I asked Lawson what she wanted and she told me an "Adult Lunch where we sit down and don't do drive-thru." (I think we do drive-thru a little too much) I asked her if she wanted sushi and she about jumped out of her seat in excitment.

Here we are waiting for our lunch. She used her best manners and we had such a wonderful conversation. You know "girl talk" we talked about shapes, what letter does this word start with and Santa!!

Then our sushi arrived. We only got the California roll and Shrimp Roll so all of it was cooked!! She even worked on her chopstick technique.

She told the sushi maker it was the best sushi she has ever had!! * because she is so experienced in sushi!!

Oh what fun & what a memory!! I love my little girl so much!! Thank you Lawson for such a wonderful time!!


Elizabeth said...

Glad you ladies had a fun time. I can't believe Lawson eats sushi!

Lauren said...

I read my first Fancy Nancy book this past weekend. What a wonderful concept for children's books. I can see why Lawson loves them.

It cracks me up that Lawson loves sushi (cooked). I wish we had more time this up coming weekend so we could go get sushi together too.

I'm glad that you and Lawson had great Mommy & Daughter time.

Price said...

The Rinkers love Fancy Nancy too. Have you ever read Pinkalicious or Purplicious. They are great oo.