Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stone Soup Lunch

Today was Lawson's Thanksgiving Stone Soup Lunch. The kids read the story Stone Soup and together as a group they each contribute an ingredient to make Stone Soup.

It is a lovely concept and something I really have enjoyed the two years Lawson has been in this program. HOWEVER, I should of smelled trouble the second they had the whole class line up in front of all the parents assembled at their table. Let you remember the Saddest Little Sheep in Bethlehem?

I thought it was going to be okay, she just wasn't going to sing...

Then off went the Turkey Hat and she started CRYING!! So now we have the saddest Little Turkey....

It broke my heart. Thank goodness for her wonderful teacher who swooped in to sing with her. I don't think she uttered a word while up there...but at least she didn't run off the stage this time around.

My outgoing, charismatic, dynamic child has stage-fright! It breaks my heart!!

But not all was lost. She got to have lunch with her daddy, mommy, and brother and no matter what she does on the stage WE LOVE HER!

BTW-looking at this last picture would you EVER guess she was shy????


Elizabeth said...

Poor Lawson, great teacher to step in and help her feel more comfortable.

Lauren said...

Well, at least Lawson wasn't alone. The girl next to her has her head in her shirt and the boy didn't seem to get his fingers out of his mouth. Haha.