Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the Party Continue Outside

Friday night we had some of our family and neighbors over to have an Oyster Roast.

So the men prepared. Ryan helped chopped firewood for the bonfire.

The bonfire ready to go!! Oh boy this is going to be a fun party!!

All you have to do is say "Party" and Lawson gets ready in her princess dress. We had to break it to her it wasn't that kind of party!

Ryan, Collins, my neighbors and their grandsons, & Taylor around the bonfire.

Lawson and Uncle Taylor

Ryan and Uncle Taylor -Ladies these guys are available (wink, wink!!)

I didn't take a picture of any of the food but Ryan and Collins prepared Jalapeno Poppers, Vinson Nibblets along with the oysters. The food was awesome!!

Wesley enjoyed the blue cheese dip with squash! He was eating it so fast that we had to check his mouth before he could get another one. Go figure he likes blue cheese and squash!

Seems like I am never in any of the pictures because I am always taking pictures. Proof I was here!

3 of my favorite guys!!

Lawson had a super time hanging out the grand boys as they are called by our neighbor

The grand boys and Lawson

Lawson had 3 oysters!! She really liked them!! I think I was 18yrs old before I had an oyster

Normal a party ends when the last drink has been drunk...Well this time it is when the bottom melted out!!

Note for the next time....keep refilling the water in the pot or this will happen!!

Now that we have had our first Oyster Roast it will not be our last!! What fun!!!


gale said...

Nice Par-tay! I am glad somebody is using the tether ball!

Lauren said...

HAHA! I can't believe y'all burned a hole in the pot. I have to say I've never seen that before. I hate that we missed the party. Will and I will make the the next Oyster Roast. And if you're lucky I'll wear my princess outfit too. ;)

M. Lail said...

Sounds like fun. Maybe y'all can roast oysters for our party? ;)