Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lawson News

Wow, this week has been a busy week (have you missed my posts?) and I have two things to share about Lawson.

1.We started the car pool line at pre-school this week to prepare the 4 year olds for the car pool line next year.  Lawson got out of the car and was lead to the school front doors.  I watched my baby walk independently to her school without her mommy.  Watching this made me shed a few tear and of course, she loves this independence!!

2. I signed my baby up for Kindergarten next year....

Someone hand me the tissues!! 

What a week!!


gale said...

My granddaughter is growing up! Here is a tissue! I just got one for myself! One of many to come as the years go by!


Elizabeth said...

Aww...I can't believe it's already time to sign up for school.

Lauren said...

Pass the tissues this way too! Wow, time has just flown by.