Friday, February 26, 2010

Working Together & Following up on Last Weeks Post

Like typical kids Lawson and Wesley fuss and fight like brothers and sisters should.  However most of the time they play beautifully together.  It is amazing what their creative minds will come up with.

The other night Lawson got out the play table and was going to have an Animal Parade.  To have an animal parade she had to "fix" the table.  From upstairs she brought down 10+ stuffed animals and all of their tools.

Then the spectators, me and daddy, needed chairs.  Wesley bringing chairs over. He is very strong!

Table needed more tweaking. 

Lawson working right along side Wesley. 
Sadly we did not have the "Animal Parade" because all the "fixing" took too much time and we had to go to bed.  I know, I know...mean mommy.  Never the less, they had fun and I love watching them play so nicely together!!

Also, from my "Remind me to tell you about this next week" Post.  Wesley was asked to be apart of a Duke "Tool Use Study." I figured why not it should be fun. Remember Wesley is the "worker man" and he LOVES tools so he should do okay. Well, he aced and I mean ACED the study. He figured out very quickly the best tool to use to get a bunny, dog, cat out of a tube by touch. He was going so fast the coordinator could not keep up!! Wesley was getting lots of praises from the women for being "so smart" and they were shocked that he was not wearing any diapers. Then Wesley surprised them when he was able to pick out an orange basketball. He first picked out a white ball threw it a couple times to me and then said "I don't like this ball, I want an orange ball." Picky, Picky. Then went to the drawer and picked out an orange ball. Now he only knows two colors, pink and orange, but I have to say I left there feeling mighty proud of my little boy!! Way to Go, Wesley!!


Anonymous said...

Can you spell scholarship?


Lauren said...

The kids have such a great imagination.
Way to go Wes! He's so smart!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you chose to do the study...sounds like you two had a fantastic time. Wes is one smart cookie!