Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wesley Talk

Recently Wesley has been playing with a calculator and pretends it is a cell phone.  Yesterday on our way to pick up Lawson from school this was his conversation...

Wesley: Hello, uh huh.(pause)  We go pick up sissy (pause)  Daddy at work (pause) We go pick up sissy, I go inside (pause)  Uh,huh, Mommy go too fast...

Mommy: Mommy isn't going to fast!

Wesley: uh huh

Mommy: Who are you talking too?

Wesley: I don know!

The boy cracks me up!!

Just trying to write down all of these precious moments- so I never forget!


Jennifer said...

I love this of my favorite pictures of him! Such a cutie!

Lauren said...

He's hilarious. And... I've ridden with you before, lead foot. JK!
The picture of Wes is so cute.

M. Lail said...

That is hysterical.