Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Day- Day 2

Sunday was a snow day and it was a blast!! It was so sunny and just a winter wonderland outside!

Lawson sleeding with our neighbor Bob

Little Guy enjoying the snow. 

I love this picture!!

Swinging! He stayed in here for 30mins. He had a blast!!

Mommy and Wesley!  Don't ask me why he has a frown on...well maybe I do know?

Mommy and my kids!!

Bob and Lawson building a snowman

God Bless America Snowman!

Nancy and Wesley enjoying the winter activities! He is smiling now that he is in a different outfit!

More sledding.  She is fearless!

And this is the reason why Wesley's pictures are in B&W.  He was TICKED OFF wearing pink!  He told me... "this isn't mine its sissy's."  How does he know gender specific colors already?

Day 2 was a fun day-despite the pink snowsuit!!

Day 3 and 4 we are tired of the snow...Ready for Spring!!


gale said...

Too much fun!!!!!!!!!!!


Lauren said...

HAha! Poor Wesley! Good thing for B&W setting. Lawson is quite the daredevil.

I'm ready for spring too...I'm sick of being cold!

Jennifer said...

Great snow pictures!