Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lawson is 5 Years Old- A trip down memory lane

5 Years ago today, Lawson Annabelle was born at 7:01AM.  The anticipation for her arrival was so much fun because we did not know whether she was a girl or boy.  When she came out at 8lbs 11oz God gave us a healthy girly-girl!!! My heart grew so much that day that I truly thought my heart was going to come out of my chest.   I was in love!!

She made her daddy and I the two happiest people on earth. (wow we look young) 

The first year went by so fast.  I truly hope with the 2000 pictures that I took of her that first year I have enough. 

Then she turned 1!!

My little bald head beauty!! (and that silly finger.)

Then 2...Her personality was really coming through.  Shy, observant, and bull headed!!

 This would be her last birthday as a single child.

3 years old!! Probably one of my favorite age. So fun, so loving, and so funny!!

Lawson at her 3rd Birthday at the beach

Lawson at her 4th Birthday Tea Party.

Oh, the fun we had!! She acted like a little lady with wonderful manners and so grown-up!!

Then today we are five! Yippee!!

My beautiful little girl is 5 years old!!
I wanted to list things about Lawson so we remember where we are today!!

Loves: Barbies, Drawing, Telling Stories, Reading, Dress-up
Dislikes:  People telling her what to do, enough said...
Movies: Barbie Movies
Loves to play with her brother!
She is the most loving and generous child!!  She would give the shirt off her back if you asked!

Lawson, you make us so proud!! You are so bright, so observant, and so creative! You love to learn and are eager to learn.  Recently, you started ice skating lessons and you love it!! You are the best helper. At home you have been making your own lunch, getting your own drinks, doing a few more chores, and helping me with my sewing projects.  I love you with all my heart and I love to watch you grow!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Lawson!!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Lawson!

gale said...

Happy 5th Birthday Lawson! I love you so very much! I have so enjoyed watching you grow! We have had some fun times together! Many more to come!
Princess Grammy Gram!

Lauren said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! Oh my goodness. I love the photos from each year. She's so stinking cute!

Yesterday I washed the "My First Birthday" Cake toy that we got her for her first Bday. It was fun to remember how small she was.

Love you!

Andrew and Zachary's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Lawson! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating YOU.

CharGrill said...

Happy Birthday to Lawson!!! How exciting! I can't believe she is 5 - they grow up so fast. I remember when i saw you at Charity's party and she was just a baby (you and i and Lawson took a cute picture) and then i think the last time i saw her was when Jason and I came to meet everyone at Mellow Mushroom. Just in the brief times I've been around her i can tell she has a lot of spunk and personality. Congrats on #5 Lawson! Love, Charlotte

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Lawson! The pictures of the years are great. She is a beautiful young lady and her parents should be very proud!

gale said...

I can't stop looking at these pictures! They are so cute and Lawson is a beauty! She has such a sweet voice too!
Grammy Gram

Avery & Hailey said...

WOW! Five!! Happy Birthday Lawson! I love the trip down memory lane.