Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trip to see Family in SC

This weekend we went to visit my grandmother in SC.  It was an adventure from the beginning.  We were not 30 minutes on the road and our battery light came on.  Collins was smart enough to stop at the closest town to have the battery checked.  Only to find out that our alternator was going.  2 hours later and some nice hometown mechanics we were back on the road.  The kids and I hung out at a local McDonald and they just thought we were on a morning outing!  Finally we arrived at Mamma II.

The kids could of been happier to see Mamma II!!!

Collins did help Mamma II around the house a little
And then we had some play time.  This is the local park I have been going to this park since I was a child.  I love this park.  There are several improvements and additions but the Merry-Go-Round is still there! Fun, Fun!

Daddy even had a little fun

The kids LOVED the Merry-Go-Round

My other favorite is the swings.  Because they are so up high it feels like you are floating.  

Then we went to see a dear family friend/family, Jo Ann. I was shocked the kids responded to her so well and Jo Ann was SOOOO happy to see us.  Lawson even colored Joann a picture while we were there.

Joann has only a few pictures of people up in her room and one that she treasures is the one of her and Wesley!!  Wesley was less the corroborative this time but still cute!

The person Joann loved the most was Collins. Do you see this smile she is glowing??
And this made her week

All the ladies wanted to talk to Collins....

We really did have a nice time visiting Mamma II and JoAnn. Now that I look back at my camera I realize I didn't take enough pictures. I guess we will have to get together soon to take more.  Thank you Mamma II for all of the delicious food and fun times. Love you!!

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