Friday, May 28, 2010

Lawson's Ice Skating Lessons

Lawson has now completed one full month of Ice Skating Lessons.  The progress she has made is unbelievable. She started out hanging on the wall with very little confidence.  After 6 Mice on Ice Lessons and 2 semi-private lessons, she can skate backwards, do several turns, dips and skate around the whole ice rink.  Her confidence is building more and more with each lesson!! I love it!

Here are a few pictures of Lawson at Mice on Ice and them playing Ice Hockey. 

She was at first hesitant.  She told the teacher "my mommy says we can't play Ice Hockey because we will loose our teeth"  Oops, did I say that.  Then after a little explaining Lawson had fun hitting soft pucks around the ice. 

Then this week we did semi-private lessons with another child.  The progress was unbelievable. You can't tell but she is spreading her legs and bringing them close again to go backwards.   

Here she is skating around the rink.

I am not sure what they are doing here but isn't she cute? Can you see her smile???
Lawson is really loving ice skating.  Every time she comes off the rink she is smiling from ear to ear!! Thank you so much Grammy and Pops for the lessons!! In a few weeks she is going to do a week summer camp.  I have no idea if this is going to be her sport but for right now we are really enjoying it.


gale said...

This is just awesome to me! She really loves it! As long as it is what she wants we will be proud to be her sponsors!!!!! She is so cute!

Lauren said...

She rocks! I'm glad to see that she is more sport inclined than her Mama! Ha!

Now, we just need her to be interested in another sport that can get a scholarship in. Do schools have ice skating teams? You never know these days (I saw an ad for college surfing the other day).