Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Weekend

We went to the beach with the kids exactly 1 month ago to celebrate Grammy's big 60th birthday!  (Sorry I am so delayed in my posting.) 

The kids loved being with her to celebrate her big day.  They also got to share with her a picture of Baby Fitts #3 which tickled her to no end. I think our announcement of Baby #3 is the best birthday gift we could of given her! 

Later that evening we took the kids fishing off the pier.  Pops catching the bait.

Wesley fishing.  It was dusk not pitch dark (I promise!) Wesley talked all the way to the beach he was going to catch a shark not a big one but a small one!!

This child is a natural. 

Guess who caught a shark?  Lawson did!  Wesley had already gone back upstairs and we had to bring him back down to check it out.

The child is all talk! Once he saw it he was terrified. 

Saturday's morning forecast looked grim so we decided to hop over to the island in front of the condo and enjoy the outdoors.  This picture cracks me up.  This is Collins kayaking and pulling Taylor on a raft.  That should give you some indication as to how close it is.  Pops does have a zodiac but Collins insisted on exercise. 

Lawson enjoyed the beach. 

Wesley did too! 

One funny and very memorable incident: we were all eating lunch and the little zodiac boat got loose because the tide was coming in pretty fast.  This intoxicated gentleman in a camo bathing suit, with an orange life jacket on (that did not come close to covering his beer gut) screams out "I think you guys are missing something" (or to that affect)  sure enough our boat was in the middle of the creek.  Well, James pops up and starts swimming to rescue to the boat and so does the intoxicated overweight gentleman.  James ended up pulling back in the boat and the gentleman (realize I am being nice here.)  His response once the intoxicated man hits land "Remind me not to audition for Bay Watch."  I thought was going to pee my pants.  James did end up losing his expensive sunglasses (sorry) but at least we did have to do this number to get back to the condo.  

Sometimes I crack myself up...and yes I know I am the only one who thinks I am funny besides my sister.

It will not be long before Lawson can start kayaking on her own.  She is learning in the pool for right now!!

Happy 60th Birthday Grammy!!


Elizabeth said...

You crack me up too! Wesley looks so grown up in these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Had a ball with all of you. Nice weekend!

Love, Pops

Anonymous said...

Had a ball with all of you. Nice weekend!

Love, Pops