Thursday, August 5, 2010

14 Weeks - Baby #3

I am now officially into my second trimester! Yippee!!  I hate to sound like a bigger idiot then I already am (baby brain) but I thought I was out of my second trimester 2 weeks ago and colored my hair to celebrate.  Oops! 

I thought I would post to give an update on how I am doing the baby is doing and so forth.  This time will pass so fast and I know I will forget everything if I don't write it down.

I am feeling great as long as I eat ALL. OF. THE. TIME!  Since I know this about myself I snack constantly and this has seemed to keep sickness away.  Amen to this blessing. With both of my other pregnancies I was sick during the end of the 1st trimester to 18 weeks. 

I am tired but I think that is to be expected.  I am probably a little bit more irritable, snappy, and just plain grumpy sometimes but my kids and hubby are tolerant (to a point.)

The children are so excited about the baby's arrival.  Lawson hugs and kisses by belly everyday.  Wesley kisses my belly too and then asks me to kiss his baby in his belly.   Others seem to be excited as well.  Our friends daughter, Siena, asked if she could kiss my belly today.  Kids are so cute!

Lawson is getting ready.  She has money in this bottle which I find ironic since formula and breast milk is liquid gold in my mind!  haha!

Lawson thinks it is a girl.  Wesley thinks the baby is a boy.  I have no clue.  So much for motherly intuition.  I have no feeling one way or the other- healthy is all I care about!

I have not had a second appointment yet and that seems odd to me.  I will go on August 16th. 

Don't think of me as weird but since this is my last pregnancy I want to at least document my size every quarter. (I know this is a first pregnancy type thing but- this is for me!)  I am thrilled that I have yet to put on maternity clothes but can feel I will be pulling them out in a week or two.  . 

Picture by Lawson!

Also, to make it feel a little bit more real Collins and purchased a new bib for Baby #3 this weekend while we bought the rest of the kids treats.  Getting him/her off to a good start!
That's my update!!  We love you Baby Fitts #3!! 


Jennifer said...

The Daughtry family is thrilled for you guys! I'm so happy that you are still feeling so good! I'm thinking it is a girl!

Bates family said...

I'm so excited for you guys!! A good tip when you're taking belly pictures, hold an index card near your belly with the number of weeks you currently are. This way when you look back at the pictures you will know exactly how far along you were in each picture. :)

The Smittys said...

yay! we love having 3! we're constantly nuts, but happy about it! :) congrats!