Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day of Summer 2010

Today is our official last day of summer!  It has been a great summer and we have enjoyed the freedom of our lack of schedule that we have been blessed with, but now it is time for more structure.  It has been 103 days since Lawson has been in school....She is ready!! (I am ready...)

Lawson's first day or screening day was WONDERFUL! As soon as she got in the car I said how was your day.  She said "It was GREAT!" She met lots of new people and loved every minute.  She even took a nap there. That was shocking.  She was a bit sad that she wasn't going back for another 6 days.  Today we go and meet her teacher at 1:30.  I am excited and nervous. This is laying the foundation of her kindergarten year.  I pray that she is matched up with a wonderful teacher, who is loving, tender-hearted yet firm.  Whom Lawson will have respect for and love to learn from.  

So good bye summer! It has been fun but it is time for a new adventure...

What about Little Guy?  Wes will be starting pre-school Sept 14th.  He will be going for 3 days a week. 
I promise I am not trying to scoot my kids out of the house- I love my kids dearly.  I am just really ready for a schedule!! I am not very good at self inflicting a schedule I am too much of a procrastinator.  To think at one time I thought about Home Schooling makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Haha!!

Bye Summer 2010!!


CharGrill said...

I LOVE schedules, too!! B&D have had a good summer of staying up late, doing fun things with their grandmother whom they stay with while J and I are at work, and they've been totally spoiled with free time. But I am THRILLED they are back in school - it somehow makes it easier to get chores done, have a set dinnertime and expect everyone to make it, a reasonable bed time, an early wake up time...everything is more routine - yay for school! I'm sure you will really enjoy your quiet time - everybody needs that, so don't feel bad at all! Soon enough, you will be looking after baby #3!!

Mommy said...

Wishing Lawson (and you!) a great first day of school tomorrow! I'm sure that she will do a great job! Make sure to take pictures and let us know how it goes! :-)