Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lawson First Day at School

Hip-hip-hooray!!  Lawson is a kindergartner!! What an exciting day!  We got dressed (without too much fuss) got some pictures and we were off.  There has been much preparation- new dress (thanks Nana and Dah), new shoes, new backpack/lunchbox, and haircut PLUS lots of talks about today and all helped everything went off without a hitch.  It was a little tough to wake up at 7AM, especially once you are use to waking up at 8AM or later! We were spoiled!

Then our drive to school was not as long as I was expecting so that was a bonus.  We got there and that is when Lawson kind of retreated into "shy Lawson"  she got a little teary but once she had some time to explore the the Media Center and she saw some familiar books and she got comfortable.  Then I had to fill out all the forms and about 30 minutes later it was time for the kids to leave.  There was about 8 or 10 kids for this screening day.  She got in line and said her good-byes.  It was painless and she did not look too frightened.  As for me, I didn't cry one tear.  I was a little surprised given all the pregnancy hormones that are raging through my body, but it wasn't sad it was exciting! 

Here is my big, beautiful, 5 year old princess all ready for school.  WE ARE SO PROUD!!

Lawson and Mommy!

Wesley and Lawson.  He was so funny. After we dropped her off went back home and immediately got back into the car to go see a friend at the hospital and he said "I don't want to go and pick up sissy!!"  Hmmm, that isn't very nice...but very typical!

Lawson at school, looking a little timid, once she started walking out the door she NEVER LOOKED BACK!! Now that makes me a little sad...and proud all at the same time.

I will send and update tonight or tomorrow with her report of the the day.  I wonder if she will be as excited about her first 'real' day next Wednesday! 


Jennifer said...

Lawson, you are a big girl! I can't wait to hear about your first day.

Anonymous said...

I thought about her at 8:30! In fact all day! I was wondering how things were going! Good for her! Now for my first day, MY FEET HURT!


Donna Wright said...

Ah...the tears are FLOWING over here!!! She is such a big girl and an amazing product of such wonderful parents!!! LOVE HER!!

Wolfpacker's Angel said...

i love her dress! I hope she had a fun day.

Bates family said...

What a big girl!! :) how exciting! I can't wait to hear about all the of her adventures this year!